Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mo Valley YMCA Bike Race

Hey if you got the hankering to ride some Strange or race or help out a good cause or all 3 come up to Black Moshannon (near State College) on Saturday Aug 13. 11am start time - $25 bucks gets you in. All racer fees go directly to the YMCA.

We had a blast last year tho I aged years doing it - not sure how these real promoters sleep at nite. Anywho, its a fun course with super fern-age and maybe a surprise or too if the park allows me : )

More info on bike reg:

The race course is mostly rolling with roots and few rock gardens. If you want to make it a weekend there are more super technical and 'rustic' trails, just let me know.




Bird Man said...
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Bird Man said...

I have a camp 15 minutes from this race if anyone wants to come up and race/ride or stay over that weekend. I should have a few beds available and we also have plenty of places to set tents up if that is more your style. The trails up there are great if anyone wants to do some riding other then the race too. Let me know.

Bird Man said...

Just wanted to post up that this was a well run event on some really great trails(except for that one short kinda of a trail as Ho referred to it after the race. Really it wasn't all that bad) There was some real stiff competetion out there too. Look forward to doing it again next year!

pabiker said...

Great race, well run, competitive, and some of the best singletrack on the East Coast is at Black Mo. The cherry stuff was not on this year's race course, but stay for a second day and ride it.