Thursday, August 11, 2011


hey all
Got back from the reservation the other day and I need to ride . Got my fill of fried food and native ceremonial stuff. Meet at Pine Grove and do some north side stuff. Ride time 9Am


brett said...

Just so you all know--the dual sport is this sunday. they're hitting the Northern stuff first this year as it seems they are slated to pass our house in the 10:00 range. May want to rethink ride plans.

Slowride said...

May be a good day to go watch motos.
Does anyone know if they post the course?

Chief said...

Thanks Brett
Do they do any the southern stuff?

brett said...

I think that's the second half. North of Big Flat in the morning and south of it after the lunch stop.

Howard said...

I was up there doing some hiking today and noticed that some of Vista has already been arrowed. I also found a new trail and some alternative lines off Vista as well.
BTW After driving on some dusty roads today, I became aware of the formerly invisable image that was left on my rear window last Sunday by one of those rascally MBMers. I guess that`s what I get for riding with cupcakes. Very cute guys!

Howard said...

Still riding out of PG?

If anyone is crazy enough to come out and ride in the rain with me, I`ll be there. If noone is going to show, I will probably ride elsewhere. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I'll be there!
Mike d.