Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sunday will be at Teaberry. Gettysburg's hosting a ride for the race course. 10, 20 & 30-40
Ride time 9am.
Didn't get your number but they still ride thurs night.


dennis said...

Joe Deric and myself have plans to join you all for the Teaberry preride.Deric works with Joe. he is 21 and 150lbs. he's been doing realy well at Hashawa and Rockey Ridge on Joe's old 29er single speed.


MarcB said...

I'm new to the area and I am a beignner/moderate mountain biker looking for some people to ride with. I noticed scheduled rides on sunday mornings and Thursday evening. Are there any other group rides on other days like Saturdays. Thanks.

drw said...

How did the preride go?
Any insider secrets to share on the course?

Howard said...

A large group of riders showed up on Sunday.
Bucky and I knew that riding the 20 mile loop with a group that large would be an all day affair so we blasted off and rode it by ourselves.
I think the course will remain the same as last year`s.
Jes did a good job of sawing out some logs that either weren`t ridable or just sucked because they were on climbs.
Southern Gas kicks ass!!!