Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hey birdman,

i clean out an old trail yesterday. I also clear the 2 trails going around the reseveror as well.

i Couldn't make the 8:30am trail work on saturday. Should make your night rides easier now.



BigE said...


you had a few trees on the lake trail, but on your trail i cut the tree out that was blocking the uphill section (the trail you ran a rake on 2 weekends ago down to 233).

clownbike said...

funny how comments about jerseys get removed from the blog but when someone posts something about possible illegal trail building and makes us all look bad in the eyes of Forestry nobody removes it. I sincerely hope this was a clean-up of an old trail and not a new one. Since you've given very good directions as to where this trail is I'm sure Forestry will be checking into it the next time they read this blog. Someone please kill this very questionable post.

Bird Man said...

It was a new trail to BigE, been there for awhile clownbike. Just needed some cleanup.

clownbike said...

thanks for the clear-up.

BigE said...

It look like horse come down it based off the rock movement on the side slope. The top trail was full of trees so the trail got routed coming down to woods to the creek. It was an old trail that need cleaned up.

i clear trees off the 2 trails by the lake which the park use for hiking.

Maybe someone can tell me where the park keep map information on the red trail out by the resevor (abby trail at dam). I got ask by 2 different hiking groups where the trail goes in the pass 2 weekends. hikers complain they can't follow where it goes.