Friday, January 13, 2012


Since we are doing some work at Mont Alto, we better ride the trails on Sunday. Sooooooo Mont Alto ride time 9am


RJ said...

Where will the meeting spot be in mont alto?

Dave said...

Across from pavilion on 233

Slowride said...

Very good ride today. My legs are smoked! Glad I cut out when I did. The lead group dropped all but five and continued up to the fire tower before bombing back to Mont Alto.
14 people showed! I'll be stoked if that many show up to the meeting!
Whoever worked on the Spooge clean up, you did some exceptional work! Well done!
Trails: park, lower buckets, upper buckets, coal hearth, camel toe (or something like that), bush wack, spooge, bucky's revenge, stanley, crumble, four logs, turtle, park.
I doubt the temps were ever above freezing. Still a nice ride with the sunshine.