Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years day ride

Our fearless chief must have been hung over from too much liquor and whores and never showed up this morning, so after the 9 of us that showed up this morning rode in circles in the parking lot for 20 minutes trying to come up with a plan we finally headed out and hit 3 mile trail, jakes, tumbling run, deer bingo, rattlesnake ridge, corkscrew, stairway to heaven, creek, and few other trails.  I think everyone that showed had a pretty good time on what was pretty nice day for January 1st. The ride concluded with cold beer, and deer bologna, what a great way to start off a new year! Thanks for everyone who showed up to kickoff another year of great MBM sunday rides.


Buck said...

Was a good ride! One that reminds you why you ride! Great way to start 2012!

Anonymous said...

Cool pic. Rattlesnake?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't show. I was with my grandson playing in the nice weather. Glad you all had a great ride. I thought about the ride and the perfect day. More to come. Must be gettin old I feel asleep before 12 and didn't have a drink.
Happy New Year

Matt said...

Thanks everyone, I had a great time.....but I don't really care if I climb that last hill ever again.

BigE said...

Oh come on Matt. You were catching me on that last hill. i thought you would catch me by the top. In my mind I thought it was buck chasing me.

I just know how to ride in bad weather trails or as we say "bad race courses".

I wasn't riding in the mud area of the "big flat trail", but where there was gravel. I was getting better grip. We use to race in the 90's where course was mud and you had more traction in the grass to get uphills (ski liberty race and hidden valley back in 1992).

I got wet at the end of my ride as well. i went down the trail off the right side of birch road (from big flat parking lot) to the top powerline. It drops out at birch 1/10 mile from feagle road. I did camp trail and once I hit the feagle road it started to rain.

I met a few horse on the way up the road (saw alot of crap on road) and would say 90 percent of people at the parking lot were horses. So i guess big flat isn't always atv but alot of horse group parking as well.

Who brought the deer balony?


Bird Man said...

Yep that's rattlesnake Mooch.

Matt, eventually you'll be looking for those tough climbs, it just takes ahile to build that biking fitness(which I have obviously lost!)

Chief said...

I won't be riding again this Sunday. Any suggestion's. I'll post

prophet said...

That was an awesome ride! Really enjoyed hitting 3 mile first with fresh legs! Deer Bingo is perhaps my favorite trail in Michaux. Can't think of anything that has better flow in both directions. A great way to start biking in 2012 and great fun hangin' afterward!