Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Service

"For I hail Draco, king of dragon men."

Good morning fellow single speeders, Sunday service is now in session. Reverend Mooch presiding.

It is not the number of worshippers in our church that matters, it is the quality of the single track upon which we roll that defines our character.

For it is here, amongst the pines and atop the protruding hoarfrost that we seek solace from the daily grind and find the true meaning of happiness.

It is upon these mountaintops that we proclaim our freedom and shout upon high, 'For I hail Draco, KING of dragon men!"

As we close our service for the day - one last ritual upon which we partake. Now go forth, and share the good word brothers and sisters.


Slowride said...

Where did you ride pastor mooch?
Did you crash in some mushrooms?

Anonymous said...

Chilly loop in the north end. Frozen mushrooms taste like rock candy.

clownbike said...

Good one Slowride.

BigE said...

Look like you puss didn't ride in any real winter weather.

i rode in snow and 15 degrees today. Try riding a single speed on ice and 1" of snow trails (just teasing). Roads had ice so was glad i got on singletrack not the roads much.

I did 3 hour up lykens and the trails were covered but had a 1" dump on wolf pond trail. Been a while since I rode on slippery snow rocks. At least the rocks don't move when it below 20 degree out.

Chief said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mushrooms. They can make you see thangs that aren't there.
paster mooch
I like