Sunday, November 04, 2012

SMCC Raven Enduro recap

Slow, Ho and I headed north to give the northern trails a run at the first annual Raven Enduro being put on by the Seven Mountain Conservation Corp.  These guys did a ton of work to get the trails in shape for the event after the storm last week, and I must say they have some awesome trails that they showed off to a relatively small turnout.  I hope this thing happens again next year and there's more interest because it's cool event.  Congrats to Ho for a 3rd place overall finish and I think I can say we all had a great time today.

Here's a few pictures my wife took out on the course


Slowride said...

This was a fun course. Test 4 was my favorite. A nasty rocky downhill and at the bottom an endurocross course with a rock garden, log piles and some huge tires.
Not knowing any of the course made it more fun. They did a great job, seemed like everyone walked away with something too.

Matt said...

Full Results will be available on our website shortly or by e-mail at

Zach said...


Buck said...

Great job guys!