Friday, November 30, 2012

Sunday Ride

Back down to Old Forge.
Planning a little enduro-style loop, so bring the full-squishes if you have them (or if they're working - mine's currently in pieces).
Ride at 9.


CrashedAgain said...

Great ride, Dave.

Jason said...

How was the rest of the ride after Spooge?

drw said...

Was a great ride today. Quite a group - put in some work, and were patient with my slow tire-changing skills.
We rode up Staley and did tumbling run and spooge. After depositing our wounded back at the lot, we rode southerngas from the top.
Lots of overthebar action and bleeding today. Ended up with over 20 miles and over 400ft of climbing.
Good to see T out on the trails today.

H said...

Thanks for posting details on the type of ride. Enduro style is not everyone's "cup of tea". Posting the description gives someone a chance to seek an alternate ride.

"cup of tea" -- can't we update this phrase to "pint of beer"

drw said...

I'm glad that was helpful to you H.
How was your tricycle ride on the rails-to-trails?

H said...
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H said...

DRW's dictionary:
"tricycle" = 29er dually
"rails-to-trails" = IMBA Epic loop at Lykens

First time at Lykens and it was awesome! Way better than some climb and bomb enduro ride! ;)