Sunday, March 02, 2014

2014 Officers' Meeting #1

Hello MBM!

Your 2014 Officers met this morning in Chambersburg to discuss the coming year for MBM.

We discussed the blog and google groups.  The consensus of the officers after looking at google groups this week is that maintaining the blog and adding google groups starts down the path of a fragmented club communication system.  Ken has experience as the admin of York Area Mountain Bikers and we took a look at their website/forum system which seems like it would meet MBM's needs very well.  I invite any club members to take a look at  We'll be mocking up an MBM page and forum with a similar structure to see how club members like it.  The blog history will not need to be abandoned and could be linked to from any new web home we create.

We'll be supporting the Michaux Endurance races this year as we have in the past.  Michaux Maximus is May 4th so please consider coming out and supporting MBM by helping us support these races.

We've decided to move the official Thursday ride location to the Old Reservoir parking lot at the bottom of Milesburn road on Rt. 233.  The hope is that this location is more central and also a bit more "social friendly" than the Mont Alto location.  This ride location is on the map on the right side of the blog.

We'll be conducting some officer led rides of shorter duration to encourage new riders to come out.  The total ride time will be about 2 hours instead of the traditional 3-4 hours which is often too much for new riders.

Lucky and Mike (with Brett's assistance) are already scheduling a meeting with the recreation forester  to reach out and see if MBM can provide some value to Michaux State Forest.

Your officers are excited about working for the club this year.  Please come out and ride with us.  If you want to bend the ear of an officer you are very likely to find one or more of them on the club ride on Sundays.

Scott H.
2014 MBM President


drw said...

Now can the officers do something about this weather? Bring on the Spring!

Chief said...

Well I have had enough! Leaving for Florida wed. And then after Florida Myrtle Beach. If possible I'll bring some warmth back. The only bad thing is you might see a fat alcoholic pushing a superfly/100 with an MBM Jersey on. Stop say hey.

camps said...

I've was looking at the YAMBA site last week. Maybe Ken and/or our other York friends/members could lead a ride at their Rocky Ridge or Redman someday?