Friday, March 14, 2014

Trail update

Rode wildcat and Abby this morning. Trails in decent shape. Some crunchy snow but rideable.
Breast trail is clear. Birch run rd. is 80% iced over - avoid if possible.


Donut King said...

thanks RJ

RJ said...

No Problem. and Just in case anyone was wondering..... the rock garden on the wildcat reroute is still alive and well. I stalled out between some rocks... couldn't unclip and threw myself onto the rocks to save my bike. They haven't softened up at all.

Chief said...

Glad your ok RJ, seen your tracks on lower Abby and didn't see a blood trail. Just nice to see the rocks again. Rode the usual Caledonia loop and all looked good, just a little snow and ice here and there. Hope this weekend clears the rest, and get more Mon. Felt really good to get back on the bike. Any idea's for this Sunday?

RJ said...

Haha. Yeah I'm ok and more importantly the Razzo is ok too.
Waited around for you guys at the dam but had to keep on moving on. Catch you another time hopefully.