Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thursday Night Ride 3/27/14

Looks like we have some interest in a Thursday night ride this week so I'm posting it here and also in the forums at our new home over at

Remember, this blog will be set to read-only soon so please head over to our new page and create an account for yourself.  Go to the forum page and click the "Register" link.

As far as the actual ride on Thursday goes start time will be 5:00-5:15 though we could probably delay until 5:30 if it will help someone make the ride.  We'll be meeting at the Old Reservoir lot at the bottom of Milesburn road on Rt. 233 a mile or so north of Rt. 30 on Rt 233.

We'll have some newish mountain bikers along most likely so this will be a relaxed pace introductory type of ride.  I plan to climb Milesburn Road and then maybe ride over to Breast Trail and descend Blue Trail.  Should be a relatively short ride and we'll take it easy and adjust according to how our newer riders are feeling.

Hope to see you there!
MBM Prez 2014


SkinnyLegs said...

So is the start time 5:00, 5:15 or 5:30?

Chris Bratthauar said...


drw said...

I will be there. We will start at 5.
I think what Scott meant to say was that if somebody lets us know that they may be arriving late, we can try to accommodate.

Scott H said...

Exactly, drw!