Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trail Recon Update.....

         Rode Old Forge a little Monday evening... Southern facing slopes were bare and pretty dry. Northern side was a mix, roads are rideable but muddy. Trails on southern are nice, road part of Spooge and it was dry and bare. Road lower suckerpunch and it was 70/30 bare to snow. Tuesday rode Sidewinder? and Virginia and they were dry and bare, very good shape. Have fun and enjoy this break in weather!!

Dave R

First Post, hopefully it looks right?!


DaveR said...

Rode not road. Oops.

drw said...

I think that was an excellent first post!
Sounds like some good news. The rain and wind should help make things pretty nice by Sunday. Let's ride bikes!
Don't worry about the grammar and spelling with this crowd. (But Chief can really be a schoolmarm about punctuation . . . don't make him get out his ruler!)

Chris Bratthauar said...

But never forget the Oxford comma. It is very important.

Let's go ride Dave. Let's go ride, Dave. See what I mean? :-)

DaveR said...

Oh yes, to completely different and unrelated actions!!