Friday, May 29, 2009

Senate Budget Proposal includes possible closure of some State Parks

Send some emails, people.

Some politicians want to close a bunch of State Parks and also roughly 20% of the forest road mileage in the state as part of budget cuts. Save our public lands for the public, not for private interests to profit from. If the roads close, you know the only people getting in could be the logging interests. If the state parks close, you know the next step could be to try to sell them to private interests for resorts.

DCNR press release

Story from yesterday

Go HERE to find out who your Senator and Reps are and send them emails. Include a reference to Senate Bill 850.

Lots of the parks listed are mountain biking destinations. Penn Roosevelt. Swatara. Greenwood Furnace. RB Winter. Colonel Denning. Fowlers Hollow. Just to name a few.


Morgan said...

Franklin, Adams, and part of York County are in the Senate District of (R) Richard Alloway II. His email is

Anonymous said...

read MAYS issue of BIKEMAGAZINE .there is a read all about how the boy in DC want to close mtb trails.this is happing all over the usa.let your voice be heard e-mail your senater. and anybody who use this land. it will be closed to all. ed

yellowjekyll said...

Ok, emails sent to all. DOWN with Senate Bill 850!

Boooooooooo! Hissssssssss!