Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thanks Uncle Don

Joeltrain, flying through the water stop on the leader's wheel

Trish (shorts), looking seriously serious on her way to 1st place. Lucky for her, there was no navigation and compass work necessary.

Mary Moon

One of the early-day MBMers, Lee Sornson, looking as whipped as I've ever seen The Mule.

SS Outlaw/MBMer Todd getting some more quality miles in

Brett, thanking one of the sponsors

Your course designer. He did it all for you,
and he did it fixed gear stylie

all photos stolen from Uncle Don's site here


brett said...

Great pics. Thanks to Don for shooting and Larry for posting!

Mary Moon said...

Brett wins the prize for muddiest face. Everyone did awesome on Sunday. It was the best Sunday Funday I've had in a while.

Anonymous said...

trexlertown swap sat. may 9.i am going to sell .if any body going to be there an wants to get a free way in an paid for time.all i need is you to help to move sum bikes an boxs in i have a dolly.thanks email for more info edward

shorts said...

Thanks for the pics Uncle Don. I had no idea I was THAT muddy!