Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tuesday Night 3MTTTTT

Donna and I are planning to host a mountain bike time trial on Tuesday nights at 6:00 from our house. This is meant to be a shorter, hard workout to get people ready for Big Bear and anything else they want. The idea was pulled together from our Stoney Creek Time Trials back in the day (preparing for Canaan and Snowshoe), the YBR Touch The Monkey Time Trials a few years ago, and, of course the old-school MBM Three Mile Trail Time Trials from years past. So we sat down and tried to figure out how we could do it in a way that would make it easy to actually hold them every week, with us as the organizers. The answer was to start from our house. We're lazy. And the idea just may well work.

The Stoney Creek course was the longest at 18 miles with a 3-mile climb, rocky descent, and rail trail TT return leg. The YBR Touch The Monkey course was across Shake-n-Bake, hard, hard right to LogSled, and climb back to the finish. Much shorter, but still with the good climb in it. And of course, the MBM Three Mile Trail course was simply 3MT. No road, all tech. We're taking elements of all three. The long climb and longer distance of Stoney, and the tech-fest of YBR TTMTT and MBM 3MTTT.

This could almost be thought of as kind of a race simulation over the same course each week.

The main course will be from our house and out Ridge Road to the beginning of 3MT. Yes. It's fireroad. But it's also a pretty steady climb the whole way out. Work it. Then the whole way through 3MT. This is the MTB techie section. Then back Ridge Road to our house again. Done.

If people so desire, they may opt into the second course option. After 3MT, instead of staying on Ridge Road, they would drop into Derailleur trail and ride that back to the house instead.

In both cases, it will be a mass start from the house. Everyone starts at the same time. There will be a timing sheet and a stopwatch at the house. As people finish, it is their own responsibility to log their own finish times. If someone arrives late and wants to do it, they simply record their start time and then try to chase down the group.

Then you can see how you improve from week to week.

People will need to decide what course they are doing at the start. Perhaps for the first week, we will all do the same course just to see how it works.

The main purpose of this is to supply a training tool and a set course that people can measure themselves against on a weekly basis. It will be much more focused than a typical weeknight ride.

But don't expect me to send out everyone's results every week. I may get that organized, but don't expect it. This was thought up as a tool for Donna and I to train and we want to invite anyone else that wants to show up. The more the merrier.

Who's interested?

Brett and Donna


drw said...

I think that sounds great. Tuesdays work for me and i'd love to be there to make everyone feel good about beating me. would just need directions to your place.

Mooch said...

No one feels good about beating you Cosmo. We do it because we have to.

If you make it to the MBM ride tonight I can give you di-rec-tions.

yellowjekyll said...

sounds like fun. I had been thinking about running the beginner teaberry loop like this to give myself a benchmark to beat but it would be more fun watching you all ride away from me than doing it myself. :-)

camps said...

How 'bout a Traveling 3MTTTT?

That way I can not make the rides in multiple locales..

brett said...

we could have it in your backyard and you still wouldn't make it!

drw said...

last i checked, dnf beats dns.
at least i f'd something.

yes i'll be there for directions--thanx.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout posting directions for those of us that want to ride but are sitting watching T-ball instead. I think I used to ride a bike but can't remember!!
Any takers for Watershed on Sunday??
Short and Fatter legs.....aka Dona

brett said...

post up your email address in a way that bots can't read and i'll send directions to you.

example: something AT wherever DOT com

thanks, mooch, for helping!

oh yeah, i assume you mean directions to our house, right?

Chief said...

Hey Dona
I'm planning a ride at the water shed the 17th. Pencil it in your date book.

Mooch said...

Brett - yes, honest to goodness directions to your house. Instead of my standard response of 'Directions? I got your directions right here..."

Anonymous said...

I am good for the 17th at the shed.
Am also considering a 2-3 hour ride at Mont Alto on Sunday that would let me get to Mother's Day not too late.

Mary Moon said...

Sounds like fun. I can make it every other Tuesday. When do these start? 12th or 19th?

brett said...

Tomorrow, the 12th, is the first one.

drw said...

I'm possible for tonight, but more likely for next tues.
email directions to
wilsondavid88 AT yahoo and a com

brett said...

Done. You have directions.