Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dogfish Head, Bikes and Posting

>First of all, that is a real dogfish head. In fact, that is THEE real dogfish head! I'm just sayin'... I'm a big fan and had the chance to check out the brewery in Rohoboth. I'm going back. Wanna go????
I took my wife to the Pullo Center to see a show the other night. We arrived early and took a short walk and came across a nice skate and bike park. A really nice skate and bike park!

The entire place was packed with kids. One of which may become the next Sean White or Tony Hawk. This is behind the Pullo Center in York and I was absolutely jealous that I didn't have this in my town as a kid. Way to go York, PA!!

It took 1 hour and 39 minutes to get there going up 81, over 581 and down 83. I totally support community efforts like this. Nice!!!
Moving on.
Isn't this awesome that I can post my own stuff? You can too if you pay your dues. $10 a year gets you unlimited group rides, an awesome annual meeting with food and drink and the opportunity to learn from the foremost trail builders and riders in the area. We also support local races and events. AND you can post your own rides, info and blog worthy stuff!!!
Get to know who Utah actually is, find out if you're slower than Slow. Where is Secret Trail??? Get %15 off at the Red Robbin at the top of Yellow Ridge!! (I made that up)
Join a ride soon. Summer's coming!!!


Nevada said...

I hear that Johnny Utah is only a movie character. He will never be seen in real life....or will he?!

Chief said...

Man you college boys sure know how to talk.

Slowride said...

It's kind of like Linus in the pumpkin patch, we sit there in the parking lot wondering if Utah will show up on Tuesday nights.....he never does.

brett said...

And yet, you still have this unshakeable faith that he really exists.