Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saturday "Trail Work/Ride" Big Flat 9:00am

The way the weather forcast is shaping up at this point, Saturday might be our best shot at getting a decent, dry ride in this weekend. Of course, riding will have to wait until after the trail work. So, if you plan on working the trail, bring your bike along and plan on riding the trail also. If you can`t secure your bike on or within your vehicle while working, just ride it out to the worksite. See ya there!!!

More Info from Brett:

Figure on about 3 hours again for those with schedules and stuff. If you can help out from 9 to noon, we would pretty darn happy!

Again, we'll split into at at least two crews--one will tweak the section we cut last time (a couple corners need realigned, a bit more raking here and there, a little more pruning, etc.) while another crew will work on cutting in the remaining line. The first crew can come up and help the second after the tweakage is done.

If you bring your bike to ride in to the work site, bring a pack you can haul loppers, pruners or a folding saw in, please!

The first use of the club BOB might be on Saturday since Ho is foaming at the mouth to give it a run. We can haul the bigger stuff on that, like rakes and sledgehammers!

Don't forget gloves, water and snacks to keep the strength up and see you Saturday!

If we get another great turnout, this thing might be open for business after Saturday.

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PA_Noob said...

Wish I could make it to help out again but I've got a paper due tomorrow that needs finishing.... See you all next time.