Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Any interest in running the Monday Night pump track sessions again?
6PM-8PM, come and go as desired.
we could start the rides next week. We need enough regulars so that there's more likelihood that some will be there on Monday nights. Post pump thirst-busters could be fun. Most peeps aren't out hammering on Mondays, consider it recovery.
comment here if interested

there's a larger track in the works nearby, if there are enough bikers interested to justify it.

old kuhl


Howard said...

I have yet to hit up the pump track. I would definitely show up for a Monday session now and then.

Anonymous said...

You guys live near Michaux have all that singletrack and yet ride those little bikes around a circle in town?

You gotta get out more.

Slowride said...

Near Michaux? Some of them live in Michaux!

I Ride Bitching. said...

Wait... How can they get out more when they are already outside?

Will there ever be an Anonymous that makes sense when trying to make a cut down??