Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Raystown - April 15-17 Trip Details

So far we have about 15 people that have said they are going. I checked in with the ranger station and found out that there are no reservable campsites at this time of year, but we shouldn't have a problem with getting multiple sites in a row. Brett and I are taking the day off and are planning on getting there mid-day to get enough sites together for all of us.

Sites are $25 each per night and allow up to 2 tents or camping units and 10 people.

If you are definitely coming, please let me know and/or send/give me a check for either a whole site for $50 (2 nights) or half a site for $25 (2 nights), if you want to share.

We will try to get sites in the loop by the large pavillion in Meadow Camp.

Raystown rules and regs here.

We will be doing rides Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. So far there is no organized food or beverage, but open to suggestions---potluck on Saturday night? Go to Boxer's Cafe in Huntingdon?


BigE said...

Hi donna,

can you send me you address so i can write you a check for one night ($25). I off the friday afternoon and be up for event.

i got a stomach bug this friday and missed work. i need yesterday to help get over it to get some strength. That's why i didn't make trail work day. This is the 2nd time this year i got that bug.

My email address:


The Wiser Weiser said...

Hey guys---the cost is confusing alot of people. If you are camping and willing to share a site, the cost per night is $12.50. We are going to purchase campsites when we get there so that they are all together and I'm just trying to get an idea of how many people are camping and which nights.

torotech said...

I hear great things about Raystown - sounds like the trip will be a great time.

Not sure if you knew already, but 4/16 is first day of trout season in PA. The areas near the lakeshore and marina may be rather crowded.