Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wildcat Trail Reroute Workday

Attention all mountain bikers, it is time to create the new Wildcat reroute. The new trail is all laid out and ready to clear. We need all the help we can get to clear the trail. The first workday is scheduled for Saturday March 12th, 9:00am at Big Flat parking lot. Anyone with a pickup is encouraged to bring it so that we can pile in and drive to a closer location that has limited parking, then hike to the trailhead. Also, if you have any tools that might come in handy, bring those as well. It`s gonna be a blast to ride when it`s finished, not to mention all the fun to be had while building it. So come on out and take part in building a protected trail that will inevitably outlive all of us.


prophet said...

I'm in with slave labor in tow. :-)

Been looking forward to that for a year. Have pole saw, chain saw, pruners.

Scott H.

Howard said...

Just wanted to specify what tools will be needed on Saturday. If you have any of the following tools, please bring them.

Sledge Hammers
Bow saws
Folding Hand Saws
Cutter Bars

and anything else you think might come in handy. Thanks.

Nevada said...

No beer as one of the tools Ho? I am pretty sure I can work better with beer.

bucsexy said...

Shouldn't "Nevada" be listed as the #1 tool?

Nevada said...

Yeah!! I can be #1 at something!

Howard said...

Yeah! Maybe you would ride better with beer too!(or at least more often)

PA_Noob said...

Another new rider to the area... looking to come out and help in the A.M.

Anyone have any coffee preferences??

camps said...

coffee and beer
and sharp tools
and no rain
sounds like a good morning shaping up

The Wiser Weiser said...

Coffee and bagels---PA noob--YOU ROCK!!! What a great turnout--hopefully someone will post a report and some pictures in the next few days!! Rumor has it that it is 3/4 done! Thank you to everyone that came out!! You all rock!

Howard said...

Like Wiser Weiser said, thanks to everyone who showed up to put some hard trail work in today. We didn`t expect to have such a great turnout and to have so much of the trail completed at this point. By the way, I have 2 pairs of loppers, 1 bow saw and a set of pruners that were left in the bed of my truck. Leave a comment if any of these tools belong to you and we can work something out to get them back to you.

prophet said...

Someone else ended up with my long handled pruners (loppers). Handles about 2-2.5 feet long, black grips, handles themselves are whitish. You have those Howard?

It was a great time yesterday and this trail is going to be SOOOOO much more fun than the old Wildcat. I can't wait to park at Big Flat and ride the ridge all the way to Long Pine Reservoir via new Wildcat and Abigail!

Scott H.

SkinnyLegs said...

Hey, 'Wild Cat' was a great trail.

Nevada said...

Great to hear it went well! I apologize that I could not make it. I figured showing up at noon would be a little too late. Hopefully my schedule works out to help with the last little bit.

Howard said...

Yes Scott, I have them. Are you riding Tuesday or Thursday? Let me know. I`ll try to get them back to you soon.