Thursday, April 21, 2011

Girls bike wanted

Does anybody have a bike that would fit a 9 year old girl? Looking for something inexpensive. I figured this was a good place to post since Mooch and Utah ride like 9 year old girls. Send me an email or post something here if you can help.



Anonymous said...

My bike handling skills are that of a 9 year old, but my torque output is that of a 5 year old.

camps said...

I have one I've been looking to sell.

bucsexy said...

Mooch - Congrats on the increased torque output!

Camps - Lemme know what you got.

prophet said...

I've got a Trek MT220 that is too small for my 11 year old.

I also have a Lotus DVD for you I got in Las Vegas a few years back. Found it while cleaning out my office.


bucsexy said...

Thanks Scott! Email me a pic and specs on the bike. I picked up a bike from Larry but if it doesn't fit maybe yours will.

I'd love to see that video too! I didn't see any Elises in Vegas or SoCal during the 10 days I was there. I saw 3 GT-Rs, Audi R8s, Carrera GT, Ferrari, Lambo and everything but a Lotus.

Nevada said...

How dare you compare me to Mooch!