Friday, April 22, 2011

Raystown Video


brett said...

noice. thanks for posting that!

Anonymous said...

excellent bird man. I think you've got the angle dialed in on that cam for sure.

Howard said...

Sorry Emory, I didn` t mean to cut you off like that. I saw that rare log crossing and kinda got tunnel vision!

BigE said...

I was running out of gas. I need to pace myself since that was only the 1st hour of a 4+ hour day.

i thought it was birdman with his new specialize bike. He about ran me over on the hill before the birm turn (we build that turn at imba trail work october 2010).

I seen later how you two were skiden alot from hitting the trees into the turn. The video makes the rocks look harder than they really are on the trail.

I got up thursday to ride for 3.5 hours. Was suppose to get my new front wheel from sram build at rothrock, so did a day trip on trails. They were pretty tacky not muddy.

I get a chance next week to ride them again since sram sent me 2 bad front hubs (order a hope II now to swap out).

Evan said they're getting approval from corr for putting covers in the valleys (probably 2' pipes for diameter). i was doing ray's revenge where I saw alot of valleys washed big holes across trail at dips. That's why I asked him about the plans on how to repair those sections.

Got over to berry patch to ride out rock work section (we put 7 truck load of rock in the trail) we did in march.

What all did you guys/gals ride on sunday?


camps said...

looks like you and Ho got the feel of the speed there.

I don't even recognize those long rocky sections, nor all those burnt out/logged out sections. Looks like it's changed a lot since Fall.

Nevada said...

Nice job putting that together!