Friday, April 29, 2011

Rothrockin' in May

Hey, biznitches, we're heading somewhere to ride for a weekend again.

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This time it's Rothrock SF, May 13-15. Donna and I have reserved site 35 at Greenwood Furnace SP for the weekend and plan to ride some/all/parts of two stages of the Transylvania Epic Saturday and Sunday. Friday will be a ride into the Cooper's Gap stuff. Jill Wiest might be joining us as well. And all you folks are invited, too. Come up for the weekend or for a day. You'll have to make your own camping arrangements, though! If you come up for the day and don't tell us about it, we leave at ridin' time whether you're there or not. Even if you do let us know you're coming up, and you're not there, we're leavin' at ridin' time.

We'll ride Stage 2 on Saturday from the park at around 10:00 or so. Expect a 5-hour ride. Bring munchies and water. We can refill water at Penn Roosevelt part way through.

Sunday will be Stage 6 starting from Penn Roosevelt SP around 11:00 or so. We'll break down camp and then drive over there so we can head straight home when we're done. At least 3 hours on Sunday. Sweet trails both days, with Tussey Ridge on Sunday.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Both days will be a mix of fireroads and trails, some big climbs, some big descents.Let us know if you're coming. It'll be riding totally different from Raystown, that's fo' damn sho.

And don't wait too long to make reservations if you want to camp.

Here's links for you to peruse. Greenwood Furnace SP website:

Ho, they have pet sites, btw.

Greenwood Furnace campground map:

DCNR Reservation Site:

Transylvania Epic Stage 2 Info and Map:

Transylvania Epic Stage 6 Info and Map:

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BigE said...

Hi Brett,

Sound like a good weekend of biking plan. Hope donna isn't too fast on saturday and burn out on sunday. That a long day for saturday.

I see spring gobbler in now until may 31st. Cooper gap a popular area for turkey so expect see hunter out your first two hours of riding. Depends how fast you all go will depend if you see anybody in that area.

I was on lhorba site last week and notice on calender that NMBA is doing a picnic on sunday in greenwood park. You may run into a few of both club members on sunday if they get out to bear meadow road or over to penn Roosevelt area. Aaron said they cleared the trees off Tussey mtn trail so it should be a good view now.

Maybe you can post on NMBA site see if anyone up to ride with you all both days.

If I come up I would only do the sunday ride.