Monday, April 18, 2011

Some pictures from Raystown

First, what a great trip with some great people!  On Friday when the weather was perfect it was the Weiser's, Emory, Howard and I riding. We then had a nice evening around the campfire, with good food cooked over the open flames.

Saturday the rain started about 5am, the Weiser's headed out early before it got "too bad" (it was already horrible) then college boy Dan showed up and braved the rain, wind and cold temps in shorts and a short sleeved shirt.

Hardcore Mountain Bikers

After some long hot showers we headed into Boxer's in Huntingdon for about 4 hours of good food and drinks.  When our waitress was ready to go home we decided maybe we should go too. 

Mr. Boxer
Since it was still pouring down raining we decided to head to the local coffee house, where we hung out playing monopoly and drinking warm beverages until we saw the sun peaking through the clouds.

Tycoon Weiser

Sunday we woke up to cool temps, and a brisk wind, but the rain had stopped and things were drying off nicely.  Three of the Weiser's friends from Clinton County, and Slow Ride showed up to ride with us.  I didn't get any pictures on Sunday because I was having too much fun ripping up the awesome single track, but I'm pretty sure Brett did and will share them with us. I've got some video footage to edit and will share that later when it's ready.

And here's what a weekend of fun does to your bike


prophet said...

Nice post Bird! Glad you guys had a good time. Weather and an iffy knee that needs rest kept me home. Glad you guys had a good time and sorry to have missed it.

camps said...

Looks pretty good actually.
I might've made the wrong call, and took another man down with me.
I Went to FredShed instead for the fastest 3/4mi trail ever built.

Anonymous said...

thanks for having me guys! I went for about 3.5 hours and decided that it was time to head home! Hope to see you at a ride soon!