Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Raystown Ride Details

Thanks for the pic Don!

Friday we are planning on meeting at the campground around 1pm and being on the bikes by 2pm for about a 2 hour ride.

Dinner Friday night will be on your own. If we can get sites in the Meadow camp, we will have use of the pavillion which has picnic tables and a huge fireplace.

Saturday ride for those day trippers will depart from the campsites at 10am, so plan on being there between 9 and 9:30!

For dinner Saturday night, we are planning on going to Boxer's Cafe in Huntingdon.

Since there is a group coming for a day trip on Sunday also, (see previous post), we will wait for them to arrive and head out with them around 10.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or call. Also, if you've told me you're camping and now you're not, please let me know so we book the correct amount of campsites!

See you at Raystown!!

Donna and Brett


Anonymous said...

Still hoping to make it up for swoopy trails and hoppy ales on Saturday.

Howard said...

Love that pic! It surely captures the enjoyment of riding/racing bikes!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

It's Dan again. I rode with you a couple of weeks ago at Caledonia. I still have to get my dues in(haven't ridden much becuase of schoolwork). I did say I would be interested in doing the whole weekend. Now I will not be doing the whole weekend. I apologize for the late notice. Perhaps a Saturday day trip is in order. Would you mind if I joined you? It all depends on how much schoolwork I have. Thanks and have an awesome time up there!

prophet said...

If I make it up it will be as a day trip so no campsite for me.

Scott H.

The Wiser Weiser said...

Dan---Not at all! Maybe you could caravan with chris/Mooch or Scott/Prophet?

Hope to see you!

Bird Man said...

I plan on bringing the cameras to try and get some good riding pics and video from the trip. See you all Friday afternoon!

The Wiser Weiser said...

Cool! This trip is rain or shine! I am riding all three days regardless of the weather! If I have cell phone data access, I will post updates if I feel like it!

Anonymous said...

Dan here... that would be awesome if I was able to caravan with someone. I would be more than willing to help pay for gas. Is anybody going up on Saturday? Mooch? Prophet? If so, what time would you be leaving? Probably around 7:30?

Anonymous said...

There is a 90% chance I won't be able to make it this weekend. If I go at all, it's looking more like a Sunday option.

I probably don't want to ride with Mr. Farty and his lousy music.

drw said...

Mr Farty?
I kinda like that one.
Gives me an air of malevolent mystery!

brett said...

Hope to see some of you candy asses this weekend. Bring one gear and more beer. Or whatever bike you want. Just ride it!

Anonymous said...

Dan here yet again. Do you guys have an address for the campsite so I could meet you there Saturday?

The Wiser Weiser said...

Follow directions to the Huntingdon County Visitors Center, but when you get to the entrance station, ask them how to get to Meadow camp: 6993 Seven Points Rd., Suite 2, Hesston‎ PA

There is a link on a former post to the website that has the maps!