Friday, April 22, 2011

MBM Traveling Correspondent

Ride the skinny, climb the slick rock face, make the switchback. The Buttermilk trail never disappoints and keeps getting better as the locals add new (high quality) features. Not like that tire flattening crap we keep finding in Michaux, right Dale?! If you're ever anywhere near Richmond, VA don't miss this trail!


camps said...

There are many unique, good places to ride in Richmond, and I've only hit a few of them. Most of them are technical challenges. I really want to ride Belle Isle (XTerra course). There's more good stuff in the works by Richmond-MORE.

Howard said...

Hey, let`s build stuff like that in Michaux!

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of sidewalks to ride in town already. :o)

I Ride Bitching. said...

That's true. What's the difference between that and a sidewalk?

Seriously :l

I'm a noob, pity me. :D