Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday May 25 ride.

I have off this Friday and was wondering if anyone would be up for a pre-holiday weekend ride?  I was actually thinking about heading up to Rattling Creek to ride, but if anyone is interested in riding northern Michaux or riding from Big Flat, I would be game for that as well.  I would rather not ride solo since it is still spring gobbler season.  I am hoping for a minimum of 4 hours of actual riding time if my legs are up for it.  I am hoping to start by 8:30-9AM regardless of ride location.



BigE said...

If you go up RCST you may run into hunters. I seem to come across 1 or 2 hunter during week when I ride up there after christmas and into january. I think the guy self employee or laid off.

Ticks are also bad up there so don't stand off trail much because they'll be on you (fawn kill trail for example).

jimpt said...

Beuller?... Beuller?... No one wants to play hooky from "school" tomorrow?

Thanks for the heads up about ticks BigE. I usually wear Deet or Off for all mountain bike rides after a run in with some Lyme Disease like symptoms last year.

I am likely going to ride from Big Flat unless someone else chimes in. Not too crazy about solo riding at Rattling Creek during hunting season, as I rarely ride there and don't know if there will be many hunters. I am also off work next Friday, June 1 so I may head up that way then or head up to Cooper's Gap in Rothrock, should anyone be interested.