Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grand Opening Rockburn Skills Park - Patapsco, MD

Here are some brief details about the skills park:

Phase 1 - complete
-Pump Track (Thank you Clif Bar and IMBA!)

Phase 2 - Grand Opening Saturday 6/2
-Druffel Shuffle: Easier smooth flow trail with berms and rollers. This can be ridden by beginners just learning how to ride a mountain bike. It can also be ridden by an advanced rider that likes to catch air on anything from a bmx bike to a 29er. This trail is like a downhill pump track.

-Novara Way: Advanced flow trail with bigger table top jumps, berms, and other features for getting in the air.

-Diamondback: Advanced technical trail with a lot of rocks, as well as some berms, jumps, & log rides.

-Easy return trail: All of the lines merge into this gradual climb back to the start hill.

-Rocky return option: This branches off of the easy return trail to give you an opportunity to work on rocky, technical climbing.

Jason Wells (IMBA) designed these lines with plenty of options so that you can get creative.

Phase 3?
Fingers crossed. We may be able to add a phase 3 sometime in the future.

Keep in mind that Rockburn Branch Park borders Patapsco Valley State Park so you can combine a Skills Park session with a ride at Patapsco.


camps said...

I cannot wait to ride this place again and again.

brett said...

I wish to check this out

Slowride said...

It looks like lots of fun. Maybe we can get a group together for a Saturday road trip. Thanks camps.

drw said...

I want to go to there.

Bird Man said...

I'm up for the road trip

Bird Man said...

I'm up for the road trip