Wednesday, May 02, 2012

off limits trails

I was told by an MBMer that law enforcement were out last weekend at the intersection of Rocky Knob Trail and the Campsite trails warning bikers to stay off of Rocky Knob Trail.  Apparently there have been complaints.

Quote: "Overall they were nice but just told me to pass the word along that people need to stay off of Rocky Knob and Buck Ridge Trail."


clownbike said...

so does this mean we can't access the camp trails from lolly pop? do we have to walk our bikes?

clownbike said...
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camps said...

No, it's not Lollipop or the grassy doubletrack from Ego Rock that's the problem.

It's the doubletrack (Rocky Knob) that we cross between Campsite 1 & 2.

At this time, crossing it isn't a problem.

Zee Pirate' said...

Saw the DCNR doing like 50 MPH up ridge road over the weekend on their hopped up ATV's. They looked like those guys from that Nat Geo reality show. Not sure who the were going to nab, maybe they heard motorcycle noise off in the distance.

Zee Pirate' said...

To clarify - I saw the DCNR over on Ridge Road near the end of 3 mile trail...this was late late Sunday evening, long after the area was clear from the Maximus activity.

brett said...

Don't be so hard on them. They caught an ATV illegally riding Ridge Road Sunday evening. I saw some yay-hoo pass our house on an ATV, no helmet, heading in the direction of Woodrow. About 20-30 minutes later, I saw DCNR SUV cruise by going the same direction. About 20 minutes after that, the ATV came by againin the opposite direction, none too fast, with the DCNR Ranger right behind him. They both headed down Peach Orchard. The ATV was getting escorted home. I hope we never see him again.

BigE said...

Isaw those two atv last sunday as well. Was over by pine grove park of slate rd coming up from camp ground. They had green shirts on.

I was on rocky trail about 2 months back to cut out a section of camp trail when rain was coming in. I ran into some hikers.

I even saw some hikers when i cross camp trail a month back. I'm hoping it the atv they're mad about. It a jeep road after all and if we move trees out of trail don't know what the issue be.

I know we have a new ranger and he goes by the book. Oh well.