Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sunday Ride

For those who haven't noticed the preceding posts regarding tomorrow's ride, it will be a joint ride with the MORE group that Larry will be leading in SO-Chaux.
Be ready to ride at 9, though depending on our guests we may wait a little.
Correct me if I'm wrong, Larry, but we will meet at the usual starting point at the camp on Old Forge road. GPS is on the map to the right of your screen.
Bring your big-boy bikes, cause there be's some rocks in these parts of our forest!


camps said...

Meet at the picnic area. We are doing the Spooge, Buckets side. No Mackey.

camps said...

What a ride yesterday!
I think we had 31 (or more) riders.
Pretty cool seeing what those freerider/DHer guys and their bikes can do. Makes me rethink my single/rigid ways....

brett said...

it was huge ride! good thing it broke in half at the beginning!

no kidding on the big bike theory. i may have to accelerate my transition to the darkside. watching those guys huck the lines others were mincing down was great.

H said...

Thank you Larry for organizing and leading the ride and thanks to Brett for taking the highly coveted role of sweeper!

Todd said...

Was a great ride guys, thanks for hosting.