Sunday, May 27, 2012

Harrisburg MTB Trails

There was some recent buzz on MTBR about the HBG mountain bike trails, so today we went out and rode them. I'm sure we found over 90% of them and although they have some fun spots, they are largely over grown and have tons of stinging nettle and other pointy vegetation. So if you might be planning to give them a try you better bring a weed wacker. Oh and Steph wanted you to know about the 4 foot black snake she almost ran over.


BigE said...

Was this over by HACC or Greenbelt area?

Heard rumor about greenbelt.

Tell Steph that snakes need somewhere to live in Harrisburg area.


clownbike said...

greenbelt area. penn dot building to reservoir park basically.

BUCK said...

DId you ride the teeter totter?

Picnic said...

we didn't find one but we didn't all of it ride either.