Monday, May 14, 2012

'Shed or MoCo ride?

Shed>Gambrill>Shed Ride this weekend by MORE.  Big Climbing

Regarding the below idea, why don't those of you who commented throw out same dates and whether you want to ride the Shed or Schaeffer/MoCo and I'll get it to Denis.

Denis (from MORE) has offered to lead a joint MORE/MBM ride in either the Shed or Montgomery County (Schaeffer Farm, Seneca Creek, and others).

I know many of us ride the Shed quite a bit and love it.  Is anyone interested in driving 30 minutes past the Shed to ride another type of fun singletrack?  Think Swatara style fun (and it's a shorter drive for some of us than Swatara is).

Denis is also the organizer of the MoCo Epic which uses about 65 miles of the County's finest trails, much of which was built by MORE.

If we have MBM interest, I'll get with Denis and set something up


brett said...

we might be interested but of course it would depend on dates.

Slowride said...

I'm interested. Either ride sounds good.

Bird Man said...

If the date is right I'd be interested in checking out Scheaffer Farms, I've heard a lot of cool things about that place.

Bird Man said...
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