Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dark Hollow Preride

Sorry for the late post!
Tomorrow will be from Big Flat. We will preride the Dark Hollow course with probably two groups so racers can pace a little faster.
I encourage everybody to register for the race. New folks: this is a fun 10 mile course - very doable for beginners.
Please consider supporting the race any way you can. The guys at the Gettysburg shop have been very supportive to us this year -- let's return the favor!

Preride from Big Flat 9am the 15th.
Race on the 22nd.
Anyone not racing please help Slow at the checkpoint.


Justin Johnson said...

Hello. I'm new to the area and stumbled onto this potential riding area. Im looking for riding spots Would it be ok to tag along?

Can you provide more info on where the group is meeting?


drw said...

You are welcome to join us.
The parking area is on the map on the side bar.
It's the ATV parking lot on Shippensburg Rd, just west of 233. Top of the mountain.

Justin Johnson said...

Cool. I'll see you folks there. Looking forward to checking out this area.

BigE said...

I sent slow an email about helping sunday 22nd at check point. He didn't respond back, so hope he got it at the email he gave me last time.

I may ride half tomorrow the race. Ken said they took wild cat out of race because of 2nd trail closed, when i was gettysburg shop.

I'm hoping to get there around 8am.


Jeremy said...

So tomorrow is 20 or 10ish+?

drw said...

Either. We will have multiple spots where people can head back to the lot.

Jake said...

Thanks for making my second ride at Michaux awesome!! Looking forward to helping out at the race next week.

drw said...

It was a record-turnout yesterday, to my knowledge - a big group of 25 at the start. After sending a bunch up the road on the 10 mile loop, we continued with probably 15 or so to complete the 20 mile loop ... lost a few more in the meantime and finished with probably 10-12 - I honestly stopped counting. Haha - way better than 80-20, right?
See everybody on race day!