Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trail Work a Success!

Both Jerry's Flat and 1500 Block trails have been cleared. 

Thank you to ALL that came out to help last night!


zero said...

hey what's this? jedi ninja fights while we were brush cutting?

clownbike said...

I'd really like to thank those TORC guys for making the trip.

brett said...

Yes, we had a great turnout with a plethora of power tools that made the trimming much faster.

I can't use loppers but apparently I can get my Force on.

zero said...

you just like our salty nuts clownbike. and maybe the pbr.

Jake said...

Good meeting everyone and hoping to check out the handy work on Saturday AM!

Next time I will bring some local Liquid Hero Brew for York PA for you guys to check out!

Howard said...

Just rode all the stuff we trimmed and it was very refreshing to ride 1500 without all the brush in your face!
Thanks again everyone!

On a negative note, lower Vista is being logged as I type this comment.

Anonymous said...

"hey what's this? jedi ninja fights while we were brush cutting?"

These are not the drunks that you are looking for.