Friday, July 20, 2012

Monday 7-23 Trail Work @ 5:30pm

Jody and I did some trail work for the Enduro yesterday. Four-logs is riding nice but still needs some trimming. Upper and lower buckets need a TON of work. Weed wackers, sickle bars and rakes are needed. We estimate about 3 work days. Working again on Monday at 5:30 from the Mont Alto parking lot. Please come out and help make this race a success!

Removed Log by the pump house at bottom Four-logs 

Removed fallen pine tree Lower Waynes/Turtle

Trimmed top of Four-logs

More top of Four-logs


Bird Man said...

Nice work, thank you!

Howard said...

I know that I mentioned a Monday evening would work for me but not this Monday. Sorry, I can't make it.

Picnic said...

It's ok Howard, I'm sure there will be more Monday's in the future!

Harlan Price said...

Awesome guys! I am planning to hit Buckets hard on the 3rd, the day before the pre-ride on the 4th. Gonna bring some gas!

camps said...

I think I can meet tonight, though later than 5:30. I can park at an opposite spot from where you go in and shuttle you back to your cars if that works. Lemme know??

Harlan, I will take off work on the 3rd to help, and should be able to help the pre-ride the next day too.

Jake said...

sorry I couldn't make the clean-up. leaving for Honduras and trying to tie up loose ends. Is there anything between now and the third where you all need help?