Monday, July 16, 2012


Three Stages!
30 minutes and 2,200ft of descending!
Stay Overnight at Camp Penn!
Bunkhouse living!
Cool Mountain Creeks!
Camp Fires!
Hot Showers!
Fruit Salad!

To Benefit the Mountain Bikers of Michaux.

Race-day registration is $10 more!!!! So expect to pay $60 on race day. It's easier for us to plan if we know how many people are coming!

Michaux State Forest is getting a new race presented by Mountain Bikers of Michaux, Gettysburg Bicycle and TakeAim Cycling. In the course of one day racers will complete three mostly downhill timed sections. Each section will be super-d style and can be completed on any mountain bike. The ideal bike will be a full suspension with 120-150mm of travel.

Format:The race will consist of three timed sections consisting of mostly cross-country style downhill trail. There will be some pedaling! But, take a look at the profile maps and you'll see the direction is mostly down.

At the end of each timed section we will gather and ride as a group to the next start. The gist is; race the downhills, climb back up as a group. The climbs are on gravel roads with only a couple of pitches.

Stages 1 and 2 will be time trial starts with 30second splits between each rider.
Stage 3 will start in order of the overall times after two stages. We will calculate the times of the first two stages and racers will get to chase and be chased on the last stage as you start with your time difference as your split. Call your pass!

12:30 arrive at Camp Penn
3pm Pre-ride of Stage 3
Sunday: Based on 100 riders
7:30-9am Registration
9:30am Group Roll-out

Camp Penn: No Alcohol PleaseWe are reserving Camp Penn as the race headquarters. We will be there Saturday and we invite you to come early, grab a bunk, go for a pre-ride and hang-out. Because it is a Methodist owned camp there is a No Alcohol Policy. Please observe. The other benefits of using the camp are well worth it.
It's a beautiful place with the Appalachian Trail across the street, a creek nearby for cooling down, and bunkhouses for staying in overnight. Bring the family. A $5 per person fee applies!


Local Businesses!
Support these guys because they support us.

307 York Street, Gettysburg, PA
(717) 334-7791 ·
Go to to learn about about the other excellent races this shop puts on.

140 N 3rd St, Chambersburg, PA
(717) 496-8753 ·
Stop by and taste some Micro Brew before heading to the Camp where there is no alcohol.

Okay! So we originally wanted to give you four stages of Michaux rock'n punishment. On two pre-ride attempts it just seemed to be a bit long, and we think you'll agree that these three stages are good enough to satisfy for the day. Did you really want to do another 30minute climb in august?

What you will get is classic Michaux. Rocky technical descents with some real tricky rock gardens. Logs too! We don't cut it all out. Twinkle-toes will come in handy! Stay loose! Beginner riders may not have a great time but an intermediate rider will learn some new things. Good descenders with technical skills will love it.

On stage three there is a section with two drops.They are faster but sketchy and unless you pre-ride you will probably not want to take them. I rode the course to make this map, I know those drops, I've done them, but it' had been so long since I was on them last time, I choose to ride around. They will be marked. Take heed! Knowledgeable pro-line only. 

Each stage is different. There is pedaling, there are surprises. Be ready to be in the wrong gear. You'll have incredible moments and some awkward ones too. This is natural terrain. Don't expect berms or jumps. Flat corners mean you got to earn your edge. Expect a couple or more quick (5-20sec) climbs on the first two stages. None stage three. Stage three will still make you earn it. Loose the flow and you'll fight the rocks.

**If you are an MBM Member, please email any officer and once we check your membership status, we will send you a coupon code to register for $45, which also includes the Saturday night bunkhouse.

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Picnic said...

It's going to be a cool race!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. But I have a serious question, "benefits Mountain Bikers of Michaux".

What exactly does that mean?

Is this a non-profit organization, an activist group, etc.? I can't seem to find a mission statement or any other description as to what MBM is or does and why money should to to 'benefit' them. Thanks.