Monday, July 02, 2012

Storm Damage?

Friday's storm made my neighborhood look like a bomb went off. Massive trees down everywhere and several houses crushed. What happened out there? Is there much trail damage?


Bird Man said...

Central & Northern Michaux seem to be fine, I haven't been down south to verify that area. The storms were mostly lightning and rain, not a lot of wind fortunately.

brett said...

We were at the northern edge of the storms that hit you and DC. Not much damage as a result but our landline phone was down all weekend.

T said...

Chief Squatting Dog and I rode Rocky Ridge, SG, SW and Deer Lick yesterday. Everything was in awesome condition!

Thank you! Thank you!! to the crew that cleared RR. It has not been in that good of condition for at least 6 or 7 years.

Tractor said...

We are very fortunate. We just did a stage of Le Tour outside of Harrisonburg, Va. No fewer than 70 big trees down in 30 miles of trail.
They will need a chainsaw massacre to take care of that area before the hundo.

patrick said...

I note for the future: If the trail is owned by the public, such as the town county or state, and there are past records of maintenance, then FEMA will pay to clean up these trails after a Presidentially declared event. This is huge because it 'could' unlock some monies for mitigation opportunities and alternate projects to the trail such as bypassing a spot that requires significant amounts of repair. FEMA PA (Public Assistance) is worth a look after the next big storm.