Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Madcap Trail Work Update

 What's been completed so far?

Buckets, Turtle, and Four Logs have all been completely weed wacked. A lot of dead wood has also been removed from these trails. As a bonus, the Park Trail was also weed wacked last night! Thank you Mike and Charlie!

What still needs done?

Our wish list includes the following: A few more logs need to be removed from Buckets because they are speed killers and have no additional technical value. Spooge needs to be checked out for dead fall. If needed, additional trail work nights will be announced.

Thank you!

Lastnight was a great night for Madcap trail work! AND it was such a huge success because of the 7 volinteers who came out! Ok.... 10 if you include dogs.

Some of nature's beauty gets overlooked when riding.
Saw this on Turtle.


Jeremy said...

Thank you everyone!

Harlan Price said...

We took care of those flow killers on the upper part of Buckets. It's banging right now. Spooges has a lot of deadfall back on it. We removed a bit of it, but too much to do with a group ride. It will also need a wacking, since it's growing back over. I'd say it's going to need to most immediate attention since 4logs, Turtle and Buckets are doing really well right now.

I'll be back in town on the 22nd and plan to tackle a lot of last minute trail massaging.

You guys are killing it.