Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunday Ride- Sand Flats@9

Watershed ride on Sunday at Sand Flats. I think Dave will be setting up a carpool from Chambersburg. If you need directions let me know.

I added two Watershed parking areas to the parking location map in the side bar. -slow

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grand Opening Rockburn Skills Park - Patapsco, MD

Here are some brief details about the skills park:

Phase 1 - complete
-Pump Track (Thank you Clif Bar and IMBA!)

Phase 2 - Grand Opening Saturday 6/2
-Druffel Shuffle: Easier smooth flow trail with berms and rollers. This can be ridden by beginners just learning how to ride a mountain bike. It can also be ridden by an advanced rider that likes to catch air on anything from a bmx bike to a 29er. This trail is like a downhill pump track.

-Novara Way: Advanced flow trail with bigger table top jumps, berms, and other features for getting in the air.

-Diamondback: Advanced technical trail with a lot of rocks, as well as some berms, jumps, & log rides.

-Easy return trail: All of the lines merge into this gradual climb back to the start hill.

-Rocky return option: This branches off of the easy return trail to give you an opportunity to work on rocky, technical climbing.

Jason Wells (IMBA) designed these lines with plenty of options so that you can get creative.

Phase 3?
Fingers crossed. We may be able to add a phase 3 sometime in the future.

Keep in mind that Rockburn Branch Park borders Patapsco Valley State Park so you can combine a Skills Park session with a ride at Patapsco.


I'm going to ride thurs. somewhere in the morning, so if interested let me know, I'll let you know what time and place

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Harrisburg MTB Trails

There was some recent buzz on MTBR about the HBG mountain bike trails, so today we went out and rode them. I'm sure we found over 90% of them and although they have some fun spots, they are largely over grown and have tons of stinging nettle and other pointy vegetation. So if you might be planning to give them a try you better bring a weed wacker. Oh and Steph wanted you to know about the 4 foot black snake she almost ran over.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday May 25 ride.

I have off this Friday and was wondering if anyone would be up for a pre-holiday weekend ride?  I was actually thinking about heading up to Rattling Creek to ride, but if anyone is interested in riding northern Michaux or riding from Big Flat, I would be game for that as well.  I would rather not ride solo since it is still spring gobbler season.  I am hoping for a minimum of 4 hours of actual riding time if my legs are up for it.  I am hoping to start by 8:30-9AM regardless of ride location.


New 2012 Niner Rip 9 FOR SALE!

Up for grabs is my New never built Niner rip 9! I'm going to keep rocking the superfly 100. Asking $1495.
Let me know! Buck!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunday Ride

Ride is from Caledonia -- meet in the furnace lot.
Ride time 9am on the D-O-T.
See ya there!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Harrisburg Area Trail Advocacy Meeting

I know we have members and others from the Harrisburg area that visit this blogger house of ill repute, so thought it would be good chi to post up some information that could lead to good things for the region. Check it out:

On May 24th, from 7-9pm at Cornerstone Coffee in Camp Hill (2133 Market St, a few doors down from Holmes Cycling), IMBA will be holding a meeting of the minds about the potential of mountain biking in the greater Harrisburg area. The goal of the discussion is to talk about some new potential riding opportunities in the area as well as strengthening the Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association. As you probably know, SAMBA has been very successful working on the trails at Swatara State Park, Governor Dick and Camp Mack, but currently lacks the capacity to take on new projects. With the help of IMBA’s chapter program, the hope is to move SAMBA towards being a broader, more effective non-profit organization that can grow into the voice of mountain biking in the capitol region. This is where you come in – please come to this initial meeting with your thoughts and ideas and find out what steps are needed. Our goal is to come up with a steering committee that can follow through on these plans with IMBA’s help. If you aren’t able to make it, but know of someone who would be interested, please feel free to pass this invite along.

Interested in attending? Let Frank Maguire, PA's own IMBA demigod, know by May 20th.

Additionally, on Friday May 25th, from 6-8pm, there will be a social event at the Quality Bicycle Products distribution facility in Middletown. Come out, enjoy some bbq and beverages and find out what Quality is looking to do to help the local bike community.

bacon rocket

Monday, May 14, 2012

'Shed or MoCo ride?

Shed>Gambrill>Shed Ride this weekend by MORE.  Big Climbing

Regarding the below idea, why don't those of you who commented throw out same dates and whether you want to ride the Shed or Schaeffer/MoCo and I'll get it to Denis.

Denis (from MORE) has offered to lead a joint MORE/MBM ride in either the Shed or Montgomery County (Schaeffer Farm, Seneca Creek, and others).

I know many of us ride the Shed quite a bit and love it.  Is anyone interested in driving 30 minutes past the Shed to ride another type of fun singletrack?  Think Swatara style fun (and it's a shorter drive for some of us than Swatara is).

Denis is also the organizer of the MoCo Epic which uses about 65 miles of the County's finest trails, much of which was built by MORE.

If we have MBM interest, I'll get with Denis and set something up

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday Fun

Howard was nice enough to show me a trail I had never been on that has some kick ass rock features and then we went and hit Spooge so we could try the two rock drops.  Enjoy the pixels and video.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Allegreppis 5/12/12

Sorry for the late post, but I am planning on heading out to Raystown tomorrow as long as I can get all my shifting bits remounted on my bike and working properly.  My wife and kiddo are out of town, and wanted to hit some exotic trails.  A yearly family commitment prevents me from being able to attend DirtFest, so that is why I am road tripping this weekend.  I plan to start from the main parking area off of Baker's Hollow Rd around noon to let the hunters do there thing, and ride until I can't go anymore (~4 hrs).  More than happy to ride with others if anyone is interested.

Sunday Ride

Heading North!
Meet at the Mud Banks.
Ride time 9 sharp.
All are welcome. Map of starting-points is to the right.

Monday, May 07, 2012


Saw this on Pittsburgh CL and had to share! This is the risk you run buying stuff on there if you don't know what your looking at!  Can you see what's wrong???

Title of the add:

"only 10lbs" HYPER alum frame 26" mens 21 speed - $200 

Saturday, May 05, 2012

My biggest contribution to the MBM blog

Sunday Ride

For those who haven't noticed the preceding posts regarding tomorrow's ride, it will be a joint ride with the MORE group that Larry will be leading in SO-Chaux.
Be ready to ride at 9, though depending on our guests we may wait a little.
Correct me if I'm wrong, Larry, but we will meet at the usual starting point at the camp on Old Forge road. GPS is on the map to the right of your screen.
Bring your big-boy bikes, cause there be's some rocks in these parts of our forest!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

off limits trails

I was told by an MBMer that law enforcement were out last weekend at the intersection of Rocky Knob Trail and the Campsite trails warning bikers to stay off of Rocky Knob Trail.  Apparently there have been complaints.

Quote: "Overall they were nice but just told me to pass the word along that people need to stay off of Rocky Knob and Buck Ridge Trail."