Monday, March 29, 2010

29er Fork wanted for Gary Fisher Rig

Anyone have a 29er fork hangin' about? I'd like to have some suspension on the front of this Rig I got from Chuck though I like how light the bike is without it. Coming from 140mm of travel on the Prophet to fully rigid is just a bit farther than I wanted to go.

Here....forkey forkey!


Travis said...

Yes. Let me know. will cost you two good cases of beer.

Travis said...

Beers are negotiable.

prophet said...

Larry, many thanks I'll take you up on that.

Travis, also thanks, what kind of beer do you like and what type of fork do you have?

Travis said...

I have a Reba off the original Ole Yeller Paragon, just rebuilt before I got a fox,...really not too much better. Enjoy your ride! You will never go back to gears.