Saturday, March 06, 2010

worth it

surprisingly good skiing still out there
solid base, ski anywhere you want
over logs, around trees, dodging rocks
anywhere there was snow, you could count on its consistency


CrashedAgain said...

Thanks for the update. I would like to get out there again. Nice to know it is still possible. Do you think we will get another week out of the snow pack?

camps said...

snowpack won't last another week,

we went back to the same spot this morning while it was still hard skiable crust. almost too fast at first. a lot more rocks and wood peeking through now. still really fun to ski through the trees.

we left early and went to Whitetail where it was warm and sucky

I think tomorrow, and maybe the next day, might be still good on the shady side of Snaggy Ridge. I'm certainly willing to sacrifice a few hours of work to find out before