Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gotta love this weather!

I was able to get in some XC-sking this weekend, as well as several road rides on Monday-Wednesday. In between all of this, I was also able to start work on a custom fencing project that I had planned over the winter. This was taken from the overlook on Tower road, above Cowan's Gap

The snow pack was about 1-2 feet, down from 3-4 feet three weeks ago.

Red Extra Swix and Jack Rabbit Klister worked their charm on this soft snow.

The start of the fencing project. The pile of Yew hedge was about 1/3 of what was cut, and pulled up, for the start of the fencing that will be replacing it.

In between, I was able to enjoy the mornings for several delightful road rides around the Fayetteville/Shippensburg/Orrstown area.


pabiker said...

good to see the road bike there.

camps said...

Nice Rick,
It's pretty funny that I have a neighbor about 6 houses away who xc skis and mtn bikes, and I have never had the chance to play in the woods together yet. Too bad ski season might be ending now.

I'll keep my eye on your fence project

camps said...

Well, 1-2 feet?
maybe skiing isn't quite over, and maybe I should get up on that ridge for a spin. No rain please

dah said...

This is cool (for you roadies):

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