Saturday, March 06, 2010

Road Ride Sunday

If anyone wants to ride in the Frederick area, let me know. If anyone wants to lead a PA ride, I can go out there.


Chief said...

Do you want to meet at Caledonia and we can do a around 30-40 mile loop. Or meet at the Fayetteville elememtary school which is on Mont Alto road at Fay. The red light at the sunoco. What time would be good??? and I'm not shaving my legs to road ride!!

pabiker said...

I'm riding north from Frederick up toward Caledonia. Perhaps we can meet up for a few miles. Shoot me an email with your cell.

I'm planning on coming up through Fairfield then over Teaberry to South Mountain and then down Old Forge Rd., Blue Ridge Summit, Cactoctin, etc. back to Frederick. We could meet at the Old Forge Rd. intersection on South Mt.

Then you could ride back up via Quincy and Mt. Alto.

pabiker said...

Better yet. Meet me in Fairfield and we can do the cool PA stuff together.

Chief said...

Hay Pabiker
i was planning on going the other direction from Fay. Maybe we can meet some other time.