Wednesday, March 31, 2010


SUNDAY will be at PINE GROVE. Meet at the Bendersville parking lot. Steve Seeber will be your ride leader and he said he will bring all his electronics to lead the way. Ride time 9am. I might ride Caledonia at 2pm. I'll put a post out by Sat. if I am for sure.


Mooch said...

Chief - keep me posted on your Sunday afternoon ride. I maybe, maybe, maybe might be able to join you.

Chief said...

I'll let you know mooch

maxattems said...

First time in the Michaux woods upcoming weekend, so my question:

Is the apalachian Trail from fuller lake
up to Pole Steeple Trail ridable?

thanks for hints.

maxattems said...

oh dear just read that the trail is not open for biking.

ohh fun.

is there a trail that goes // to it?

CrashedAgain said...

Tomorrow will be some classics: Fender, 3 mile and Grave(s) Ridge. See you there. This will be the Maximus the way it used to be.