Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wednesday night 3/31, Mont Alto ride

I can't make it Thursday this week so the amazingly elastic, but not fully recovered Willy Washington and I are going to ride Wednesday night at Mont Alto about 5 p.m. The doctor cleared Willy for the trails, but we are going to take it easy anyway (as easy as you can take it on singlespeeds that is).

So please, join us, for a fun paced ride on what is supposed to be a very nice evening. Post up if you think you will show.

EDIT: Johnny Utah most likely won't be there on the advice of medical professionals. I still plan to ride.


bucsexy said...

I'll try to make it since Manny Maryland will be there. I picked up a new chain and 3 spokes from Gburg an Saturday. I'll get them on the SS tonight. Hey, everybody feels sorry for Manny but I'm the one who broke a chain and three (Yes, three!) spokes!

T said...

I don't know about you guys. I hit the same line first and came through without a scratch.
You need to be smaller and more nimble.

dah said...

I'm going to try and make it - bring on the SS pain!

Nevada said...

The talk of my return ended up being much exaggerated. After Dona graciously clarified with the Dr. the type of mountain biking we do the recommendation is to rest till I am totally healed. The Dr. thought we were out on some simple meandering trails. I am sure in my eagerness to ride I did not explain it well to the Dr. Thanks for the invite to the ride Mooch! Hope to be out there soon.

Ageless wonder - my hear goes out to you. May your spokes and chain stay true tomorrow.

T - I have to work on that!

bucsexy said...

Owen Oklahoma - I'm glad Dona doesn't know my doctors or I wouldn't have been back on the bike so soon after my seperated shoulder or torn achilles. My doctor even let me mountain bike when I was on blood thinners!

I have my new chain and spokes installed.

Take it easy. We'll be here when you're ready to ride again.

brett said...

Ronny Rhode Island, you need a new doctor. my doctor recommended drinking alcohol in addition to a buttload of ibuprofen when my back was spasming. she said, "hey, it's a muscle relaxer. can't hurt." then we went to their house and got drunk. i felt a lot better!

Chief said...

Hey I let Dr. Hobart cut my innards out and I kinda listened for about a week. She did such a good job everything stayed in place.She knows what we do so I think she puts in an extra stitch or two

Anonymous said...

Trails are primo. Nice clean-up work last weekend to all that participated. The trail "enhancements" were fun too.