Friday, April 30, 2010

pic from camps, words from brett

The walk-through yesterday with Levi on the new trail to replace Wildcat went really well. Levi liked what he saw and is going to move ahead with requesting the environmental assessment to be performed. He said that will probably take about a month to move through Harrisburg. If everything goes well with that, we will receive the go-ahead to start building. He doesn't expect any issues with the assessment since it is a ridgetop trail.

I think the line will run in to be very similar to the higher sections on Abigail. Fun and flowy with enough rocks creeping into the mix to keep you on your toes. Not a lot of rocks poking through the leaf litter and duff right now, but given time, they will emerge. There is a rock garden or two, nothing major in the world of Michaux. I'll say it again, I think this is going to be fun, flowy trail.

This is a great thing. New official trail in Michaux. I'm looking forward to advertising some work days in June.


clownbike said...

no verbage? does it suck that bad?

prophet said...

Sorry to miss that walkthrough. Would have loved to be there. Very exciting to see new trail being made. Many thanks to Larry and Levi and anyone else involved in making this happen!

goat said...

Where is this?

Where's Wildcat?

(How in the world do you people know all these names? The best I can do is, "about a 1/4 mile down ___ road after the steep decent...")

brett said...

red blaze out of big flat... wildcat is the washed out, rocky, downhill doubletrack that has eroded a lot over the years.

we spend too much time in the woods and not enough time on the road--that's how!