Saturday, April 17, 2010

Midnite Ridge Trail

Has anyone been on this in the past several years? Might be an old trail, it's in the database as an Unnamed Foot Path.
looks interesting
'cept for the bottom


Slowride said...

This trail is well marked at Ship road. I've been meaning to head up it to find its roots. Anyone interested?
Park at Big Flat AT trail head. Ride Scientology down fron Ridge Rd and then hit this back up?

Slowride said...

There's a logging connector somewhere in the middle to Ship rd. Should be up that valley.

brett said...

you could it hit it from the top off thompson hollow road instead and ride down the nasty grade...

Slowride said...

Either way there is no good loop without a tough climb unless you come back on a road.
I'm planning a "cold case" ride. Now that we've pulled the old trail from the database we'll ride it and have a cold case waiting at the bottom!
Should make the ride back up go by quicker.

clownbike said...

it gets used in the dual sport often.

Slowride said...

If the dual sport uses it then it should be carved in well and easy to follow.
I may check it out later this week. If I do I'll post it.

Slowride said...

I checked out the trailhead off Thompson Hollow Rd. Its the yellow gate on the left if your coming from Ship Rd.

There is a well defined log rd that I hiked straight back about a mile with nothing special. They've started using some of it again. It peters out into overgrown double track and then?

The Midnight trail single track shoots off to the right about 200 feet inside the gate. The loggers destroyed the first 250 yards of this trail. They went straight down its path and selective cut several trees. After that it turns into a nice single track. Some of it looks like it was "paved" with stones. It has a groomed yet less traveled look about it. I hiked in about half a mile. Looks bike friendly, not too rugged but that was only the beginning. There's room to park on both sides of the gate.

The fact that loggers used the trail as an access to find trees then destroyed it and everything in their path to get those trees out makes me wonder how this can be referred to as "conservation" by DCNR?