Thursday, April 15, 2010

SMP Summary

Was planning to talk some about this at the meeting, though there's too much to really cover it all at the meeting. For any who are interested, and not planning to attend the meeting, here's a short description of the 8 teams and what they were there for.

Battle of Monterey Pass
A group from the Waynesboro area wanting to develop a historical Civil War battlefield site at Monterey Pass (east of Mentzer Gap Rd on Route 16)

Camp Michaux
A group wanting to create a historical protected site of the remains of the old CCC and POW camp located off Michaux Road. They also want to restore/preserve the barn wall that is currently deteriorating. This is the wall visible from the trailhead parking lot along Michaux Rd. We ride very near this location. I expect things may change at that site in coming years

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail
A team working to extend the rail-trail from Newville to Carlisle, making one trail from Ship > Carlisle.

Michaux Trails
The one I participated in. Partnering with Michaux State Forest, volunteers, and others to improve the mountain's trail network.

South Mountain Hike & Bike Festival
A group creating an annual Labor Day weekend festival centered in Mt. Holly or Boiling Springs including road rides, hikes, mtn bike rides?, paddling, local food, art, etc. (They will be asking MBM for support)

Village of Boiling Springs
A team devoted to making Boiling Springs a destination hub, a "livable walkable community", and a recognized "trail town" by the ATC.

Adams County Fruit Belt
A group wanting to create a brand of quality for Adams County fruit growers and promote locally grown products.

Cumberland County Agriculture
A team to promote the cultural heritage and local farmers combined with economic development in the county.

That's the short and sweet. They were all much more interesting than I could possibly describe here.


brett said...

Who was involved in the Camp Michaux group? I may know some of them.

camps said...

I'll e-mail ya, don't wanna post their names here..

brett said...