Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ticks abound!

I was in the woods for two rides this weekend, on Friday and Sunday, and both times I came back to discover deer ticks on me. The ride on Sunday resulted in a tick attaching itself to the back of my leg, where the leg spandex of my shorts ended. The tick had only just attached itself to me, so I was able to pull it off without any trouble. Five minutes later, another tick crawled up to my knee, only to meet its' fate. With the prevalence of Lyme disease, it's a good idea to check yourself (or have someone else do it!) for any tick infestation.




Anonymous said...

I don't think those are deer ticks....

Frederick said...

Thought it looked like a female deer tick. Check out the links provided to be sure.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that is a deer tick also. Deer ticks are much smaller. Unless you have really small fingers

Either way not good.

emory said...

I got lymne disease last year and still dealing with it. I was out 9 weeks before getting back on bike.

I got it up weiser forest where trails are grown in alot. That's a normal tick, because deer ticks are size of a period in sentence "."

This year I'm using permethrin on my clothes and deet. If i had my clothes spray last year I would never got lymne. The tick got me when I was clearing trees off trail (do 10 hours trail work).